Credit Terms & Conditions


1.      In order to receive payment, it is the Supplier’s sole responsibility to procure and submit to Jendamark the following documentation:

1.1.     Written quote issued by the Supplier before any goods and/or services are supplied to Jendamark [the “Supply”];

1.2.     Acceptance of such quote by Jendamark in a written purchase order with a purchase order number before the Supply, issued/approved/released by an authorised employee of Jendamark;

1.3.     Delivery note (which encompasses shipping documents), referencing such purchase order and number, signed by Jendamark;

1.4.     Tax invoice for the Supply, referencing such purchase order and number;

1.5.     Tax invoice for customs VAT, referencing such purchase order and number;

1.6.     Statement referencing such tax invoice/s;

1.7.     In such documentation, all amounts, dates, specifications, and other details must correspond with each other and thus be identical;

1.8.     Any documents required for imports and exports (such as EURO 1, and so on);

1.9.     If there is any change in Supply, there must be an amended written quote, followed by a purchase order and number referencing such amended quote, and so on throughout the document chain, and all the above will apply thereto; and

1.10. A written quote (and if applicable an amended written quote) may not contain any terms and conditions that differ from or modify these Credit Terms and Conditions unless such different or modified terms are expressly typed into a written purchase order issued by Jendamark. If such different or modified terms are not so typed-in, they shall have no force or effect and these Credit Terms and Conditions will apply without any deviation.

2.      Only certain employees of Jendamark are authorised to issue/ release/approve a purchase order. The Supplier shall request a list of individuals who are so authorised. Jendamark may revise the list of such authorised employees from time to time.

3.      No Supply shall be made without such purchase order and number. No payment shall be made unless the documentation set out above has been submitted to Jendamark.

4.      No suretyships will be furnished for any obligation of Jendamark.

5.      Jendamark shall not be liable for or pay any interest to the Supplier, irrespective of whether or not payment is made by Jendamark by the contracted date/s.

6.      Due to the nature of Jendamark’s business and the automotive automation industry in which Jendamark operates, Jendamark requires a payment term of a minimum of 60 (sixty) days from date of statement.  If a longer payment term is furnished by the Supplier in any document, such longer payment term shall apply.

7.      Any Supply delivered later than 10 (ten) working days of the contracted date for the Supply, will be penalised with a deduction of 1% per day on the contracted purchased order amount for the Supply, subject to a maximum of 5% thereon.

8.      Jendamark has the right to cancel any order without prior notice at no charge to Jendamark save for reasonable compensation for any part of the Supply effected before the date of such cancellation, which compensation shall not exceed the contracted purchase amount for the Supply.

9.      The Supply shall not be delivered before the date specified by Jendamark in the purchase order documentation unless Jendamark agrees to an earlier date with the Supplier in a written document signed by the Supplier and Jendamark.

10.  Jendamark shall not be liable for or pay any handling fees on parts returned to the Supplier.

11.   The Supply shall be supplied in accordance with the exact specifications and dimensions set out in Jendamark’s said purchase order.

12.  Unless recorded in such purchase order or otherwise agreed in a separate written document signed by the Supplier and Jendamark, Jendamark shall not be liable for or pay any delivery fees or charges for the delivery of the Supply.

13.  The Supplier shall not date any invoice on a date earlier than the date of delivery of the Supply as recorded in the delivery note for such Supply signed by Jendamark.

14.  The Supplier’s invoice will be aged according to the later of the date of such delivery and the date of receipt of such invoice, and relevant documentation as per point 1 above, by Jendamark’s Finance Department.

15.  Jendamark is not obligated to place any orders on the Supplier and may place orders on any other supplier/s.

16.  Once signed below, these Credit Terms and Conditions will be the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between the Supplier and Jendamark (this “Agreement”). This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Supplier and Jendamark in relation to the subject matter hereof and neither shall accordingly be bound by any undertaking, representation or warranty not recorded herein.  This Agreement cancels and supersedes all prior agreements entered into between the Supplier and Jendamark relating to the matters set forth herein. Any Credit Terms and Conditions that may be contained in any documents of the Supplier (whether furnished to Jendamark before or after such signature) shall be null and void and of no force and effect. This agreement, including this paragraph 16, may only be modified or cancelled in a written document signed by both the Supplier and Jendamark.

17.  The information provided herein is required in order to load the supplier on our ERP and banking systems. By completing this form you hereby give consent to Jendamark to process your personal information.

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