Environment and Sustainability

The sustainability of our environment is of critical concern to everyone who shares our planet. As a global manufacturer and industrial leader, Jendamark Automation is committed to playing a positive and dynamic role in combatting climate change.
To achieve our environmental and sustainability goals, we have developed and implemented an enhanced Environmental Policy and Sustainable Procurement Policy. These twin policies guide all our efforts to tread lightly on the earth.

Measurable Impact

We are proud of the strides we have made towards achieving our environmental and sustainability goals, as these objective metrics show:

Base year:  2019 Latest comparative:  2022
Scope 1 Emissions 255,926 kgCO2e 141,700 kgCO2e
Scope 2 Emissions 146,455 kgCO2e 69,001 kgCO2e
Total of Scope 1 & 2 Emissions 402,381 kgCO2e 210,701 kgCO2e
Energy Consumption resulting in such Scope 1 & 2 Emissions 572,984.00 kWh 324,968.10 kWh
Water Consumption 3,828.31 kl 2,003.6 kl
Hazardous Waste (all in liquid form) 7,643 l 3,810 l
Non-Hazardous Waste (all in solid form) 200 bags 288 bags
Environmental Issues Reported No issues reported No issues reported

Our Policies

Environmental Policy

To read our full Environmental Policy (incorporating internal CO2 neutrality), please click the download button.

Sustainable Procurement Policy

To read our full Sustainable Procurement Policy (incorporating external CO2 neutrality), please click the download button.

For more information, please email our Corporate Environmental Management Officer, Romano Moodaley, on romanom@jendamark.co.za

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