Jendamark Automation is proud to have been named Technology Company of the Year at the Africa Tech Week awards in Cape Town in September.

The company was recognised for its technological achievements in developing digitally enhanced component assembly systems for the global automotive sector, which contributed to its commercial success, while showcasing opportunities for economic transformation in Africa.

Founder and managing director Quinton Uren says he is delighted that Jendamark’s digital transformation journey has been recognised and rewarded.

“I am incredibly proud of our young and dynamic team who have led the way. Over the past few years, Jendamark has shifted rapidly from a historically automation-focused company in the manufacturing space into a diversified global tech leader.

“What remains unchanged, however, is our focus on understanding and meeting our customers’ needs.”

Digital ubuntu
Jendamark’s innovations director, Yanesh Naidoo, says the company’s digital manufacturing technologies deliver an African-born, human-centric response to the demands of Industry 4.0.

Unlike more developed economies, where a shrinking workforce necessitates automation, the future of developing economies lies in unlocking their human capital, explains Naidoo.

“Instead of automating processes that take people off production lines, we are developing tech to unleash human potential. We call it ‘digital ubuntu’, and believe it is the only way to bring more people into the economy and empower them to contribute to society,” he says.

“Jendamark’s manufacturing presence in South Africa and India allows us to understand the challenges that many developing economies around the world are facing, and we must change the paradigm on how we use technology to solve these challenges.”

Accelerating digitalisation
Jendamark’s ecosystem of digital productivity and efficiency solutions are marketed under the Odin Manufacturing brand and encompass a range of factory functions from maintenance to quality assurance and real-time reporting on production data.

“We are all incredibly proud of our Odin Manufacturing technologies, but this award is not just for our Odin team,” emphasises Naidoo. “It is for every member of the Jendamark family who works hard to ensure that the facilities we build are world class and ready for the digital revolution.”

Head of Odin Manufacturing Juane Schutte says the win is further validation that Jendamark is solving the right problems.

“We are on a mission to accelerate digitalisation in small and medium factories in Africa at a low cost, allowing semi-skilled shop floor personnel to do much more advanced work. We see human-centric factories as massive opportunities in accelerating skills development and enhancing the economic impact in Africa.”

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