Maximising machine data

Maximising machine data

Going to market in 2023 is the ODIN IOT platform, which gathers real-time performance data straight from customers’ machines to predict and avoid downtime. The technical product manager, Christine Chetty, explains what it’s all about.

Essentially, ODIN IOT is about unlocking everyday value from machine vibration data, says Chetty.

“Do you really know when and how all your critical assets are being utilised, or when the right time is to perform asset maintenance? ODIN IOT is designed to be a reliable source of asset utilisation data to help you make the right decisions whenever you need it.”

Chetty says the vibration data produces actionable insights in near real-time, so there is no need to pay an expensive specialist to come in at regular intervals and carry out an in-depth vibration analysis to extract meaningful information and predict problems.

“The subscription-based service gives you access to data that you wouldn’t normally have or possibly even understand. It makes it useful on a daily basis.”

For instance, she says, it enables the scheduling of just-in-time preventative maintenance, based on actual productivity, which reduces downtime and unnecessary spare part consumption. By predicting harmful trends in asset vibration, it can help customers uncover faults and use the ‘raise alert’ function to trigger action before any damage is done.

The IOT platform pairs with the on-device Raven sensor, which, Chetty explains, also allows customers to gain new insights into older machines.

“Mechanical machines can connect to the cloud without the infrastructure setup and expertise costs associated with most IOT system implementations.

“At Jendamark, we validate the insights produced on the grinder in our own machine shop. We can see that it’s consuming energy, even when it is idle or not producing parts. So then we have the data to show that it should be turned off to reduce non-productive expenditure.”

A new feature, which is a useful value-add, is that mobile app users can now input their own production data on the shop floor.

While this is not strictly an IoT core value, it is in line with ODIN Manufacturing’s vision to connect people, machines, and products, says Chetty.

“We are helping customers to digitise their processes. We’re talking about the kind of thing that would be noted manually on a whiteboard or a clipboard form daily. For example, if you scribble up your production targets on a whiteboard, you can now see the history of those targets over time.”

This, she explains, is ideal for small businesses that do not have a manufacturing execution system (MES) like ODIN Workstation collecting their production data.

“We are constantly trying to refine our understanding of our customers’ problems, and make a real, practical difference in their operations, which is what led us to completely re-architect our offering in 2021,” says Chetty.

“Often production problems aren’t complex. But why are there no existing digital solutions to these problems?”

This is what Chetty and the ODIN Manufacturing development team are working to answer.

Taking the Lead

Taking the Lead

Senior design engineer Reshma Jadhav recently travelled to South Africa where she spent two weeks learning the complexities of catalytic converters before taking up her new role as technical lead for Jendamark India’s canning division.

It has been a rapid rise for Jadhav, who joined Jendamark India just one year ago, after seven years with another automation company.

“At that company, the most complex project that I worked on was a cylinder head cam cover assembly line for a facility in China, which presented a number of challenges, including the cycle times on the line,” says Jadhav.

“Before I joined Jendamark India, I was never exposed to canning projects. So, my initial goal with this intensive training experience in South Africa was to learn all there is to know about the basics, including all tooling and facilities, so that I can impart this knowledge to my team in India.”

Jendamark’s South African team has been developing catalytic converter assembly facilities for almost three decades.

“When I started my training, I was given an induction by Alwyn Smit, who explained the entire design process flow, ensuring that I had a clear foundation. Then each member of the tooling team shared their personal process flow that they follow to ensure that a successful design is released every time,” explains Jadhav.

“I gained exposure to all the various checks that need to be done, the customer data that must be assessed, the tooling calculations that need to be done as well as the lessons learned from these calculations.

“I also learned about parametric modelling when designing multi-body assemblies, which is an incredibly helpful tool that can be used for designing canning tooling.”

Jadhav is excited to share all this newfound knowledge with her team, and see where improvements and increased efficiencies are possible.

She also takes back some fantastic travel memories such as taking time out to experience Gqeberha’s beautiful beaches, seaside flea markets, and game reserves with her colleagues.

“This opportunity is really exciting for me, and I accepted it with open arms. This is a fantastic opportunity for growth, and I will be eternally grateful for all the support and guidance. This new role is a way to develop my career in a well-established company and it’s a great position. I am excited to see what the future holds and looking forward to growing my team around me.”

Jadhav says, as a working mother, the flexibility that Jendamark offers with work-from-home initiatives makes it an adaptive environment that fits in with life’s daily challenges that can arise.

“The fact that Jendamark’s work globally is project-based means that every project we take on is challenging and different. No day is the same and I love coming up with innovative solutions to every one of the various challenges.”


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