Jendamark is proud to be associated with long-standing customer Eberspächer
South Africa, which recently became SA’s first recipient of the Factory of the Year award.

As a supplier to the major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) globally, Eberspächer has become synonymous with the manufacture and assembly of catalytic converters, diesel and petrol particulate filters, mufflers, pipes and cold-end exhaust systems.

This reputation for quality was cemented this year, when the company received the inaugural South African award, which forms part of the highly prized international Factory of the Year initiative.

According to Eberspächer SA managing director Kieron Jordaan, the company was ranked in the second quintile of the global competition, having demonstrated above-average performance across the customer satisfaction, economics and quality categories.

“We also showed strong performance within the top quintile of the global competition across several benchmarks, including maintenance costs, employee productivity improvements, energy cost ratio, delivery improvements, reductions in external failure costs, and total cost of quality.”

Jordaan says the win is significant, especially in the demanding, fast-paced world created by the fourth industrial revolution.

“The automotive sector is highly competitive – this proves that we are able to produce a quality product while maintaining our costs, and motivating and
improving our workforce.

“It proves that South African firms are capable of competing against first-world companies, which is significant considering the ever-increasing demands and challenges facing not only our sector, but the country as a whole,” he says.

Over the years, Jendamark has helped Eberspächer SA with a number of solutions designed to improve efficiencies in the factory, including hard-stuffing equipment, adaptive canning lines and full assembly lines. This has been backed up by machine improvements and upgrades as well as service and maintenance support.

The relationship started back in 2011 with an upgrade to a press for the Volkswagen PQ35 project and has grown significantly since then, as tougher global emission regulations have radically altered the requirements for catalytic converter assembly facilities.

Outlining the changes, Jordaan says early products involved manual assembly stations with manual wrapping of the mat and ceramic monolith within halfshell stampings.

“Changes to the holding mat technologies, multiple variant requirements, tighter tolerances for our product as well as vehicle engine space, and a much greater emphasis on traceability and GBD, have necessitated far more sophisticated processes and equipment.

“Enter Jendamark,” he smiles.

Jendamark has gone on to build and assemble various complex pieces of equipment for some of Eberspächer SA’s major projects, as well as assisting with the upgrading of several machines since those earlier days.

“In addition, there is close co-operation on project management and technical aspects including process integration,” says Jordaan, adding that the Jendamark team’s technical expertise and support on call has made the company a trusted local supplier.

The most recently completed project was an adaptive canning line for the Ford DV-Neo programme, which is a diesel particulate filter intended for multiple vehicle assembly plants in Europe.

Developed and built by Jendamark, the line assembles the ceramic filter, support mat and stainless steel tube such that each part is unique in terms of identification, holding force and Gap Bulk Density (GBD).

And, says Jordaan, Jendamark is busy with the final assembly line for the Volkswagen MAR-Evo programme that has the start of production in 2020.

“The line has multiple stations to enable assembly of hang-on parts, leak testing, laser marking and measurement for a diesel particulate filter for a Volkswagen platform.”

Whatever the requirements, Jendamark has stepped up and responded to each project with consistent service and a desire to keep Eberspächer SA serving its customers to the best of its award-winning ability.